18. December 2020

Are Anonymous Deposits at Online Casinos Possible?

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If you want to play in an online casino, you should actually try to remain as anonymous as possible. It really does not have to know everyone that you like to play in his spare time. At least most players see it that way, but many have no problem with it.

If you see it the same way as the majority and prefer to remain anonymous, then you are lucky, because there are now very good solutions, which we will explain in more detail here. But first of all, we would like to point out that you can play absolutely anonymously by getting a Paysafecard from the supermarket or the next gas station and using it to deposit at certain Casinos.Or, you can just use cryptocurrencies which are accepted in various online casinos noways.

This way is really anonymous and no one can ever find out that you have played Poker in an online casino due to your Paysafecard or your crypto coins!

Making a deposit anonymously

First of all, you should ask yourself what options you actually have to play Poker or other games truly anonymously at an online casino. The choice of payment method is crucial, because the online casinos themselves of course keep quiet. No one publishes your name or gives away any other information. This is, for example, the case with all Poker gambling spots listed here.

The only thing you should worry about are the payment methods. First of all, it is so that with payment methods such as credit card or bank transfer is often directly visible what happened to the money. This means that with a credit card deposit you can see that 250 euros went to a casino – for example.

The same applies to a bank transfer or instant bank transfer. Anyone who has insight into your receipts can see that immediately. A tax advisor, for example, will quickly ask unpleasant questions. Therefore, these two or three deposit methods are already omitted if you really want to play anonymously in online casinos.

More or less anonymous with eWallets

If you want to be at least semi-anonymous, you should use an eWallet such as Paypal, Moneybookers/Skrill, Neteller, Click&Buy or Click2Pay. If you connect your Paypal account to your bank account, for example, and then make a casino deposit with Paypal, the bank receipt will only show that a certain amount was debited from Paypal, but not what exactly happened with it. Paypal now even supports cryptocurrencies. But if you own some, you don’t even need paypal as a middleman and can directly deposit your cryptos into the casino.

You will only find out that you have made a deposit to an online casino if you also have access to your Paypal transactions. So eWallets are not completely anonymous, but they are much better than bank transfers or credit cards.


Now we come to a method that is absolutely anonymous, besides the use of cryptocurrencies, of course. Unless you have someone spying on you. With Paysafecard you can deposit money completely anonymously. All you have to do is go to a gas station or supermarket and buy a Paysafecard at the cash register. Then log in to an online casino of your choice and enter the code on the Paysafecard.

The money will be added to your account balance immediately and as long as you don’t make a withdrawal to your bank account afterwards, you will also be playing completely anonymously. Ukash is also such a prepaid card, which works very similar to Paysafecard. Also with Ukash you can deposit absolutely anonymously.

If you then make a large profit, you must of course come up with something. After all, you can not withdraw again with Paysafecard. The money must somehow get into your account, and if you send a check, the sender is usually the online casino or its payment service provider. The best solution is to register with an eWallet like Skrill and make a small deposit. After that, the payout can be made to this eWallet.

Play anonymously without registration

Many players have the desire to play anonymously with real money. So completely without having to register, without the name being associated anywhere with a casino. Of course, this gives a safe feeling, however, this is rather a pipe dream.

Because as an online casino you have to make sure that everything is above board and of course you have to know which player you are dealing with. You can’t just allow a player to make a deposit without even registering. What if there are problems?

What if he wants to come back at a later date? That would give so many problems, so as an online casino you only have the option that players have to sign up. So it is and remains only a dream.

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