22. February 2014

Cast AR – a revolutionary HMD

On 14/10/2013 Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, the founders of the  startup Technical Illusions have a Kickstarter campaign for the Castar glasses launched.

Through the use of the American platform for project financing with crowdfunding the two developers wanted gather to money for their AR and VR goggles Cast AR to get out with this, prototype status.

Just three days later, the two former Valve Software employees have reached their funding goal of $ 400,000. More is  to be found here http://www.vrbrillen.net/castar/.

What  the supporters of the campaign found so fascinating in the project was, that in so short a time so much money has been invested? Probably here the versatility of Castar glasses has played a crucial role: the eyeglasses can not only generate projections, but also – like the Google data glasses – give rise to Augmented reality on the lenses, which is not visible to others.

In addition, the glasses can be used for the next generation of virtual reality – they may therefore produce a complete artificial environment, the eye of the actual outside world perceives nothing more. This function of the Castar glasses is possible through an additional module that is placed in front of the spectacles.

For three weeks , all interested parties who are also fascinated by this technique, support the developers with pre-ordering the glasses yet, with the price currently is $ 200. From the end of 2014, the glasses should be available in stores.

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