2. August 2013

GTA 5 Release straight ahead!

Now it’s official: From the 17th September 2013 GTA V is available to all. Meanwhile, Rockstar keeps the fans with fresh, captivating details of the content of the game in a good mood.
From a make three: This time, there are three alter egos. The Gamer can here change discretion between the people, inasmuch as it is presently not on a mission.

109-550x309However, there will also missions that require the participation of all the characters. The figures have been baptized in the name of Trevor Franklin and Michael. Michael represents a former bank robber who’s just on track to lead a lawful life. More Here

Economic difficulties force the father of a young family but to get involved again in unlawful acts. Behind the name Trevor, however, hides a white war veteran in his forties with plate.
He owns the fly and exercise is always an act of unlawful deal to haben. Franklin is a crook, body and soul, and with early / mid-twenties chick of the three characters.

He works as a violent debt collector for a dubious luxury car dealer. For sudden turns in the game of circumstance may provide that the other two Firguren are not being lazy, while the gamer gambles in the meantime with a Character.

The game world is Los Santos, this is a multiple sweeping than in previous versions of the games. There will be no tattoos and gyms, but minigames such as golf, tennis, water sports, yoga, endurance-around and base jumping. The handling of the weighing shall no longer be sluggish in GTAV – rather, they should be geared to racing games.

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