23. April 2020

How SexCams Could Rescue You From Poverty

Virtual Reality livecam voyeurWe know, this post is getting a little unconventional now. However, the issue of unemployment and existential fears has recently been fuelled by the coronavirus crisis. And many people have good reason to be. Because many of those who are losing their jobs now may not find one so easily. Retail is getting weaker and weaker while online business is getting stronger and stronger.

And here comes our tip for all those who don’t have any special qualifications – because one thing everyone can do: get undressed and work in front of a sex live cam. Of course only who can represent this morally. But honestly, why not? It’s save, clean and can even be fun. You don’t have to see the audience yourself. And you can get a lot of confirmation. In this article, we will discuss how exactly you can start making money from this opportunity.

This is how you can earn Money with Cam Sex and Chat

Camsex, livesex and cybersex are common terms in online eroticism. Anyone who has ever switched on a Sexcam and chatted with the amateur, who knows how horny such an erotic experience can be. But: Of course, it also needs women who sit in front of the cam and write with the users. We would like to show you here, how you can earn money with online eroticism! And the best thing is: You don’t even have to strip completely naked or shoot a porno.

Online eroticism is booming and the demand for erotic sex chats and sexcams is growing. The visitors of such sites want to write with more and more women and chat in front of the webcam. And they are also willing to pay money for it. You want to become a part of this world? You want to earn money by chatting? You could imagine to become a camgirl? Then read our guide carefully, because we show you how you can become a camgirl and earn money by chatting!

Become a Camgirl: Earn Money through the Webcam

A Camgirl is not necessarily only a woman who earns her money with webcam sex. In most cases they earn much more money by chatting. Because: Not every user who registers in a cam portal, looks at hot live cams. Instead, they like to write private messages with the girls, look at their pictures and are already excited by their own fantasy.

That means: If you want to become a camgirl, you don’t have to undress in front of the webcam and offer a hardcore show. It is much more sufficient if you stay in the chat, share erotic photos and chat with the users.

Earn Money by Chatting: The Entry Into Online Eroticism

Providers such as Big7, Visit-X and AmateurCommunity are prime examples of how you can earn money just by chatting. After registering as a camgirl, you can jump right in and start chatting. If you are still shy and don’t dare to undress in front of the webcam, it is enough if you are active in the chat. You can determine how much a message to you costs – i.e. how much the chat partner should pay to you. In most cases a surcharge for the cam portal is added, because the platform wants to earn money for the mediation and Co.

Whenever a user writes you a message, you will be credited with the amount you specified. You have earned it as well. The best thing is: If more men write to you, you automatically earn more. And if you keep the chatters with you and can record them in conversations, you also earn more. Because: Every message costs money again. So to earn more money in the chat, it is important to reach men who write to you. There are a few tips for this, which we of course do not want to withhold from you.

1. Fill out your profile completely

A filled out profile not only looks more attractive, but also more inviting. A man gets a direct overview of you and can imagine what you look like. Because a completed profile also includes your own description and information about your appearance. Furthermore, sexual interests are a very important factor! If your sexual interests and preferences match those of the users, they will automatically feel more attracted to you. And will write to you with a higher probability.

2. Upload erotic photos of you

Did you know that the men in these portals look more at the pictures than at the description? So it is highly recommended to take erotic pictures and upload them. Selfies are enough here, that looks much more authentic than professionally created photos. You also don’t have to be recognizable – your head or face can be covered. Many women put on a mask for this. And of course: You do not have to be completely naked! It is enough if there is more skin than usual or if you wear sexy lingerie.

3. Actively approach the men

As a camgirl you can of course also make the first step. You can actively approach the men and write to them. Of course this will not cost you anything. Because most men don’t set this option to have more success with women. You will see: To many messages you send first, you will also get many replies and earn a few euros in addition.

More Eroticism: Earn Money with Camsex!

If you are more open-minded or want to further exploit your earning potential, Camchat and Camsex is a particularly good option. Especially if you already have experience with making money via chat and know how the individual portals work. If you read “Earn money with webcam” or “Earn money with Camsex” this sounds perverted at first. Or after that you have to sit in front of the webcam and show a hardcore show. But it’s not like that, because there is another possibility that increases your income and a multiple: Webcam chat.

Many camgirls spend a lot of time every day using the chat. In doing so, they have the webcam switched on, to which every user has access. The good thing is that you earn money per minute a man watches you. Sometimes there are up to 1 Euro per minute. But the very best thing is that many men can watch you at the same time. So if you manage to have 100 men watching you, you can earn 100 euros per minute and more.

Most men do not expect much in a “public” webcam chat. Only that you write with them and they can see a live picture of you. So they can not only see that you are real, but you can also satisfy them without showing much of yourself. Most of the ladies who have become camgirls were surprised that they don’t have to sit naked in front of the camera in the webcam chat, but it is enough to be lightly dressed or only in lingerie in the live cam.

The Live Cam during the Chat provides for more Atmosphere

Many men like to see who they chat with. Especially if they pay money for it. It just puts them in a better mood. And they get a better feeling about not being cheated on. We cannot repeat ourselves often enough: It is not necessary to strip completely naked in front of the webcam. And your face doesn’t have to be visible either. There are some camgirls who place their webcam so that the head is not visible. Or they put on an erotic mask. If you also want to protect your privacy, this is definitely a good way to earn money by chatting or webcam.

Men’s Fantasies get stimulated

Did you know that the fantasy in our heads contributes to whether we are aroused and satisfied? For example, if you think of something unerotic during sex, you won’t come to orgasm, but you will be turned off. But if you think about something that turns you on, you will not only have a wonderful orgasm, but it will also go much faster. And that’s exactly what you can use in front the live cam: Play with men’s fantasy by meeting them in erotic lingerie in front of the webcam and write with them in a dirty way.


To earn money by chatting is not very difficult and you don’t have to go beyond your limits. Anyone can do it: no matter if thin, chubby, big or small. There are so many different amateurs with whom you can have fun in front of the cam! And there are so many different men who have different sexual preferences. If you are interested in just giving it a try, there are plenty of places where you can just try yourself.

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