4. June 2019

How to Watch 360º Adult Movies on PS4

vr games on ps vrHere’s how to view content on VR and 360º on PlayStation VR, a demand that has skyrocketed with adult movies released in this format.

The rise of virtual reality has led many production companies in the porn industry to start recording their films with special cameras that allow you to enjoy them with these devices and 360º vision. If you own PlayStation VR you may have wondered if it’s possible to watch this kind of movies on your PS4 with the virtual reality helmet.

Well, the answer is yes, but it requires a few previous steps. Here’s a tutorial guide for you to learn how to watch movies with PlayStation VR on PS4 quickly and easily.

The first thing to do to watch 360º movies with PlayStation VR is to go to a website and access the VR section from a PC. Once inside, you have to download the video you are interested in on your computer’s hard drive and then transfer it to a new folder on a USB memory stick.

After this, connect the USB to the PS4 and open the video player of the Sony console (it is necessary that the version of the app is 2.50 or higher). Finally, to watch movies with PlayStation VR on PS4 just turn on the virtual reality helmet and press the “Options” button on DualShock 4 to select the VR mode in the menu.

This way, you can start watching movies (adult or any kind) with your PlayStation VR on the Sony console. We remind you that the porn industry is very interested in linking the world of video games ( and of course Sex games ) with adult cinema and have already started to broadcast gameplays of games with porn actresses through YouTube, in addition to making porn parodies of games such as Final Fantasy XV and Overwatch.

Adult Game VR Kanojo

adult vr game

Does not contain nudity but can be added with a hand patch

After a few days ago the Japanese company of erotic games ILLUSION released its first game in English, Honey Select Unlimited, the work continues, as today has appeared in Steam VR Kanojo, its virtual reality game where you share your life with your “virtual pole” called Sakura.

kanojoThe game is already well known in Japan because in addition to simply sharing with your partner, it is also possible to dress her in various ways and undress her to have sex with her. The game is now available in Steam for use with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but not everyone is very happy about it, as it doesn’t include any sex scenes and originally cost $50 USD. They have now corrected the value to $30 USD.

For those who are looking for the original experience, and following the trend of many erotic games in Steam, it is possible to download the Ecstasy Update from the game’s official site to patch it up and access the porn scenes. Apparently they will soon launch a benchmark to see if your PC can play the game.

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