9. April 2013

Livedrive – the Cloud Provider

LiveDrive-BackupTo store data securely on the Internet and store truly is a great relief for companies and home users. The cloud provider Livedrive should be particularly considered here, because after all, this offers special packages and tariffs. Besides simple backup data storage solutions also offer interesting extensions are for professional use at the same time, which provide a unique value without question. However, the view is worth to Livedrive also because of security, because the cloud offer is very secure and is monitored and protected by the latest security software accordingly. More about Livedrive.

The offer of Live Backup Drive

A special feature of the cloud provider Livedrive is its backup offer. Once connected to the online store according to selected documents, folders or directories can be completely autonomously and automatically saved as backup, so that if a hardware problem of access to the data is still there. The trick in these is that not only computers can be synchronized, but that of tablets and smartphones, and the files on it can be also an online backup – but it can not be used to store or download torrents in the cloud.

Livedrive makes working

To be able to edit files on both Mac and Windows computers are simultaneously is often a difficult task. Not so with the Livedrive Cloud. In the so-called Briefcase the storage and recall of stored and synchronize all files is enabled, so that at any time can be set up according to the Livedrive access an access and thus a collaborative work on files is always possible.

The business use of Livedrive

With the tariffs Pro Suite and Business offers the cloud supplier is a customized option for business customers. Particularly interesting is the automatic backup files marked, although at the same time sharing the stored files can be set with one click. But the special thing about this offer is the huge 5TB comprehensive space company which at any time is available as a storage and can be used accordingly.

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    Cloud services have prevod as a boon for securely storing importing files and accessing from several devices. We can easily upload files and documents over cloud from office place and access from mobile location through smart phone devices. Smart phone devices and applications have added fuel to the usage of cloud computing.

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