6. April 2012
New look, new hair, same old Max?

Max Payne 3

Eight years have passed since he last fired a gun. Still Max Payne dwells in sorrow and despair. But when a friend from his past invites him to come to São Paulo, Max takes his chances for a new start – and finds himself knee-deep back in a swamp of crime and a pile of dead bodies. “Max Payne 3” is the newest part of the Computer game-series about the tormented ex-cop and his way of revenge.

The Story
The past few years haven’t been easy on Max. Still the ghosts of his past are haunting him. He just can’t get over the murder of his wife and his baby and the death of Mona Sax. Even though he avenged their deaths, Max feels terrible. To silence the voice in his head at least for a short time he got addicted to painkillers and alcohol. Raul Passo, a former colleague of Max, invites him to join him in São Paouo. So the ex-cop packs his bags and is willing to start a new life. At first everything looks pretty good. Almost to good to be true. Max gets a job a bodyguard at the house of the Branco brothers, who belong to the high society of São Paulo. When the wife of the older brother Rodrigo gets kidnapped, Max has no choice but to pick up his guns to rescue her.

New Developer, new design
The third part of the Max Payne-Series wasn’t developed by Remedy like the other to parts. Instead Rockstar Gaming did produce the game this time in their own studios. The change of the developer team meant some drastic changes for the game. More light, more action, less drowning in self-pity. Max Payne 3 will be a completely different game with a whole new style and game-play.


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