10. November 2020

Financial Service Provider Neteller Now Supports Cryptocurrencies

supporting cryptocurrencySome companies are making investments in Bitcoin & Co increasingly easy even for laymen. The Neteller e-wallet has now even set up its own buy and sell option for each customer account.

Bitcoin and Co. have already been on everyone’s lips for several years. While at the beginning only few could begin with the term Blockchain something, meanwhile most Germans have an approximate conception of the cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless so far usually only certain groups of interested parties invest in the decentralized currencies, while others are afraid of the volatility, which can be seen by the bank with all cryptocurrencies.

Neteller focuses on special niches

The payment service provider Neteller, as an e-wallet, is a competitor to large companies such as PayPal, but has adopted a different strategy. While PayPal has established itself as the e-wallet with the highest number of accounts and thus as one of the most used and most offered payment methods in online shopping, Neteller shifts to certain niches and serves a different market.

The focus of the financial company is particularly in the area of online gaming. Cryptocurrency-based online casinos in particular rely on the secure e-wallet. A large number of them now offer payment by Neteller, and payouts to the virtual account are fast and uncomplicated. Here is a list of such gambling portals.

It is also important for many players that immediate payment is possible, because of course you want to get started right away once you have decided on a provider.

In addition to a wide selection of slots and card games such as poker or blackjack, which can be found in established online casinos like Betway, trusted payment methods are a decisive factor for customers when choosing a platform.

Besides online casinos, Neteller also serves other parts of the gaming industry. For example, the e-wallet can be used to make purchases in games, such as casual games on the Facebook platform or the RPG Exilium.

Gamers will find all games listed in the dealer directory on the platform. Of course, transactions between Neteller accounts are also possible, and the e-wallet can also be used to invest in numerous Forex platforms. It is noticeable, however, that the financial provider specializes in a few niches and thus appeals to many customers.

Neteller enables the purchase of cryptocurrencies

The latest feature of Neteller is a wallet for crypto currencies, which has been integrated into the own account and can be used by every owner of a Neteller wallet. Trading Bitcoin, Ether and some other crypto currencies has never been as easy as now with Neteller.

In an on-line form the amount in a selected Fiat currency (e.g. euro or US dollar) is entered, which is to be invested, in addition still the crypto currency, which one would like to buy.

The platform already displays the currently used exchange rates and lists the expenses and the final amount in Bitcoin or another crypto currency to be received. The handling fee of Neteller is 1.5% if paid in Euro or US Dollar – for other Fiat currencies a fee of 3% is charged. The same applies to sales, which can also be carried out using the same principle.

With this new feature at Neteller, crypto currencies take another step towards mainstream. This is important for block chain technologies to stabilize rates and establish digital currencies as a realistic payment method for the future.

Payments with cryptocurrencies have many advantages, because thanks to the decentralized systems they are not managed by banks and can therefore be used much faster and cheaper than bank transactions, especially for foreign transfers.

At present Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and CO are used however much rather as investment possibilities, since many of the cryptocurrencies did not exhaust their potential still for a long time.

Should they really become generally accepted as payment options in the Internet, then all those will particularly profit, which invested early. However, many consider the market with block chain technology much more likely to be another financial bubble. Those who are right will only see the future.


Payment provider Neteller serves various niches as a payment method and has thus successfully managed to set itself apart from major competitors such as PayPal.

Until now, Neteller has mainly been used by customers who want to play in online casinos or on online gaming platforms, but the payment method has also become established in the area of Forex investments.

Now the finance company is going one step further and offers the possibility for each account to invest in crypto currencies. Buying and selling Bitcoin and CO. is thereby easier than ever before.

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