4. July 2018

Playstation VR – Entertainment Tips

The PSVR headset compatible with the Playstation 4 right now is at $299. In addition to the glasses, the required Playstation camera and the VR Worlds game collection are included. You need to buy the hand-controller needed for authentic mid-feel for about $70 extra.

Recently Sony has announced a number of new titles. In this post we wanna share our favorite games and apps at the moment.

The price-reduced PSVR headset is the second, improved variant CUH-ZVR2. The new version now also grinds HDR signals, in the first PSVR you had to unplug the glasses when using HDR. In addition, the headphone jack is now integrated into the glasses and no longer in the connection box. The cable is also thinner than in the old version.
Playstation VR lively?

Sony apparently wants to avoid the impression that it is a sell-out: in parallel with announcing the price reduction, the company had invited journalists to London to introduce new PSVR games. Currently over 150 titles are available, nearly 400 announced.

What stands out, however: The current announcements are almost exclusively smaller indie titles. Triple A games from the beating of a “Resident Evil 7” are currently not clear. Expensive investment in pure VR titles, however, are not worthwhile for developers, but the potential crowd is too small: According to Sony, two million PSVR headsets were sold by December 2017 – by comparison, Sony already has over 70 of the PS4 console Million pieces sold.

Let’s come to the fun part. Here are our favorite sources right now:

Okay okay, I know, first of all the most important stuff for you guys..

New PS VR Porn Movies

Movies for PS VR can be found at www.PSvrporn.com.

Just by looking at the well-known phrase “enjoy like a gentleman and keep quiet”, it becomes clear what to expect from the well-known Pornhub website, which has recently revealed which home consoles and handhelds cause the most traffic on the site.

It manages the PlayStation family easily and with a long distance to other consoles in the first place. 56% of overall console traffic is caused by Sony’s consoles, while the Xbox settles in second place. VR porn content compatible with other VR headsets than PS VR can be found at the best VR Porn Sites on www.VRpornstream.com. For at least 32% are users of the Microsoft consoles responsible. With that, it is far ahead of the Nintendo consoles like the Wii, the WiiU or Nintendo’s Switch. Since the latter still does not have a browser, this is no trick either.

It is a pity that Pornhub differentiates between the Nintendo Wii and the WiiU, but not between, for example, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. So, the numbers seem a bit superficial. And even if I hardly dare to ask – and it anyway “only” five percent of the traffic are: Who uses in times of smartphones, the PS Vita for such activities?

It would also be interesting to know how many users have visited the site using the PlayStation VR headset.

Let’s come to the games..

Dark Eclipse

Why a multiplayer online battle arena title à la DOTA should now necessarily take place in VR, the creators of “Dark Eclipse” could not explain us – but the pre-release version that we’re trying to play is definitely fun. However, the non-intuitive control via Move-Controller requires a lot of getting used to. “Dark Eclipse” should appear in the spring.

Firewall Zero Hour

Finally a game that supports the Aim-Controller: In the tactical team-shooter “Firewall Zero Hour” two teams of four can compete against each other – the gameplay is strongly reminiscent of titles like “Rainbow Six: Siege”. The matches are short and intense, after three games the sweat ran down our forehead. The game benefits greatly from the Aim controller. Also check this article about the game.

Eden Tomorrow

The science-fiction adventure “Eden Tomorrow” is completely out of the woods. Here you take turns driving a stranded spaceman with memory loss and a drone with a British accent – although the game is being developed in Hanover. In terms of graphics and atmosphere, we liked “Eden Tomorrow” very well at the beginning of the season. The PSVR exclusive title is scheduled for release in 2018.

Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality” has been available for PC headsets for some time now, and on April 10th, PSVR will be released. Especially fans of the series should inspire the game – even if it turns out to be short with about six hours of playing time. The PSVR version suffers a bit from the imprecise move controllers

Smash Hit Plunder

16-bit optics in VR? This can work, proves the cute multiplayer title Smash Hit Plunder. Referred to by the creators as “Tear-it-up”, the game also offers a couch-co-op function in addition to a single-player campaign. It will be released later this year.

Salary Man

One of the stranger new PSVR titles is “Salary Man” from Japan. The goal is to guide a trapped businessman through 78 levels. Game mechanic has to do it with a mixture of Jenga and Lemmings. The title will be released on May 23rd.

Cool Paintr

So far, there are VR paint programs such as Google’s “Tilt Brush” only for PC headsets. “Cool Paintr VR” from Spain should change that now. The PSVR exclusive title works in a similar way to the Google model, but with an additional sculpture feature. So you can show on objects on request, a skeleton, which can then move by hand. A release date is not yet known.

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