4. April 2012
A new hero, an old setting

Prototype 2

A beloved hero is suddenly turning into a villain. In Metal Gear Solid and Big Boss it rather worked, with series such as Super Mario or Halo, it would probably taste bittersweet but no one really gave the plumber hit in a spectacular final battle on the light.

Prototype 2, however, is trying to do this balancing act, transforming the established main character in the arch enemy of the player. Being established is certainly a bit of an exaggeration. Prototype 1 was not published ion Germany for a reason, people there are awaiting more than a first prototype, now the protagonist Alex Mercer equipped with super-powered finally returns to this country, only the best fraction of the player base is known for welcoming him.

With a new hero and the old setting of Canadian developers, Radical Entertainment, the first part of 2009 is transformed keeping its dignity and introduces the series in Germany. The open-world action game for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has optimized itself of all weaknesses of its predecessor and once again makes you anxious for a wacky virus-delusion. Yummy graphics included as well as amazing surround sound effects for everlasting goose bumps, keeping your Workstation busy around the clock, in case you can stand the almost perfect absorption into this freaky world.
We’ll tell you how it looks right now having a second prototype.

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