10. April 2012
The zombies are walking againResident Evil: Operation Racoon City

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City

The hugely successful Resident Evil series gets its newest part on 18th June 2012, called Operation Racoon City. As was already announced in early 2011 by Capcom-producer Masachika Kawata we will not get the awaited part six of the official storyline, but rather a third person shooter spin-off. The story of Operation Racoon City starts with the t-virus outbreak from Resident Evil 2 and also incorporates parts of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

The other side
Where the player controlled police officer Leon S. Kennedy in parts two and three we get to see the other side of the battlefield this time. That does not mean the infected, but a special task force from the Umbrella Corporation called the Umbrella Security Service (USS). Our task in Operation Racoon City is foremost: “Kill Leon Kennedy!” More to the point, the aim of the USS is to destroy any evidence of the outbreak whatsoever – that means monsters and knowing humans.

The more the merrier
We are not alone in reducing information-leakage, however. You can choose between six different characters, among them medic Bertha, equipped with rifle and first aid sprays, japanese scientist Four-Eyes who can control zombies for a short time or infect enemy soldiers with the virus and brutal Beltway, a puertorican explosions specialist. Up to four players can join the zombie slaughter – and they should! The game was build for cooperation and whoever leaves the group alone can expect to not live though to the end. Online and offline multiplayer gaming is possible. There are four different multiplayer modes, from the heroes-mode where you put prominent characters like Jill Valentine or Claire Redfield in teams against each other, to the survivor mode where two teams struggle to get the last seats in a rescue-helicopter.


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