29. July 2012

Sexy Chicks in DOA 5 – Dead Or Alive 5

Dead or alive ( DOA5 ) is an upcoming fighting version of the game dead or alive. It will be the first game which will be released in the multi platform release since the release of dead or alive 2. The game will be released for both Xbox 360 and play station at the same time.

The game features some of the striking fights based on rock-paper scissors such as interruption system in which throws are beaten by normal attacks and vice versa. The fights are dramatized in a highly interactive and highly destructible manner, and allow players to pull down their opponents in a chosen direction. And of course its fucking sexy, hot girls mostly with big boob show how to use their sexy bodies to move in ways which are normally only known from movies like these.

A demo of dead or alive 5 that come with ninja Gaiden 3 enables four players to participate in the game. Users can make a team of two and contest against each other or all four users can counter attack each other like wrestle mania free style fighting. The play station 3 version facilitates the use of Ayane and Hayate while Xbox 360 makes Hayabusa and Hitomi playable.

Earlier version of the game in the series received a huge success. Hence, people are eagerly waiting for the launch of dead or alive 5 which is set to be released for public by the end of September 2012. The appealing gaming features as well as destructive duels has taken the soon to be launched dead or alive 5 (DOA5) game to its peak as game enthusiasts wait to battle against each other as soon as the game is made public.

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