17. June 2013

The Top 5 VPN Providers

The 5 best VPN providers identified now in the following text.

1st place: Jondonym

In the test fairly good speeds were measured at Jondonym. The results were, they reach speeds of 1,000-2,000 Kbit / s and have a ping time of 300 ms. These values ​​correspond only to the users of the premium membership. This is on sale for each customer Jondonym from 6 € per gigabyte. For this, there are several payment options available: cash delivery, Paysafecard, Bank transfer and Paypal. During the test, the Customer has been determined that questions are answered quickly, friendly and competent.

Course 2: Tor

Tor is a free and do not disregard to let Descending anonymization service. This will be the Tor Vidalia user interface and an extension (Privoxy) for Firefox shipped. Here, compounds selected by a random chain of computers are routed. As a result, they are anonymous. A major disadvantage of goal, however, is the low speed. Read more at MelhorVPN.net.

3rd place: CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a company based in Romania. The recently revised software is only one part better than its predecessor. Thus, in the free version, the computer ID is stored as a hash value only to prevent multiple registrations to bypass the monthly traffic limit of 1 Gb. There is also the possibility to choose one of the paid tariffs, your OpenVPN also available. In contrast, the payment transfer, credit card, paypal, check Giropay and destroy the anonymity.

Seat 4: Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy is an international association of individuals. This service must be purchased for 10 € per month. The provider operates 20 currently use servers in 17 countries, with the majority of them, sitting outside the EU. In this case, all users surf the same IP address

Seat 5: Relakks

Relakks is a member of the Swedish Pirate Party, who co-finance this. Here, the users are surfing with a Swedish IP address of the network operator Labs2. This service must be purchased already for 5 € per month. However can only be purchased with Swedish accounts or by credit card. The customer service from this agent, however, was to a very poor level.

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