30. July 2013

VPN service CyberGhost

Internet privacy is becoming increasingly important. No one wants their personal information to disclose to strangers over.
To prevent that from happening, the VPN service CyberGhost has made ​​it his mission to make surfing the internet safer for the user.

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CyberGhost S.R.L. is based in Romania and currently 18 employees. In 19 different countries, a total of 151 servers are distributed. 4 VIP servers are only reserved for Premium Plus customers.

Offered are currently four different packages.

To test the service once the package is suitable free, but which contains only limited benefits.
For those who need more volume and speed, there are the packages Classic, Premium or Premium Classic package. The prices are graded after each performance.

An account at CyberGhost VPN is straightforward and just a few steps:

Download and install the client software
Start installed software, create an account
login to connect to the server

After a short time you can surf the internet anonymously and safely.

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